African sculptures As Tribal figure Handmade African Brass Antiques Brass The lost-wax boat-4126

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15/6.5 CM

figures this elongated bronze alloy canoe depicts figures relating to the story of the dogon genesis in african tribal art. it illustrates the story of the figures dogon ark led by nommo figures and sent by the creator god amma to populate and reorganize the earth. the crocodile-shaped creature that forms the bowand stern represents ayo geu , a crocodile that killed nommo. the seven figures seated in the boat are the original dogon ancestors, who are frequently found on other sculpted works of african dogon art, such as attic doors. the sides are decorated with motifs depicting snakes, another element of the bestiary linked to mythology. the dogon are a people renowned for their cosmogony, their esotericism, their

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