african mask African real figure Tribal Art Wooden Carved Luba comb masks for wall-G2211

$72.50 $93.50

SIZE(CM): 34.2/13.1
The tribal art of Africa proves once again that any usual object can become an artistic support. The decorative aspect of an object is neverits intrinsic function. In African art, any everyday object can be transformed into a masterpiece while keeping its usefulness. The majorrole played by women in the political life of the kingdom is illustrated by the recurrence of the female motifin Luba art. The latter, which stood out forits prestige and quality, had a great influence on neighboring groups. This comb is surmounted by a protective effigy embodying a political and spiritual intermediary, a role held by the woman in Luba royalty. Her headdress, behind a wide band revealing a shaven forehead, evokes one of those worn by Luba women at the beginning of the 20th century.

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