African sculpture Tribal Art Wooden Carved statue Igbo sculpture-9464

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African sculpture Tribal Art Wooden Carved statue Igbo This Igbo figure, characterized by its tall crest, dutifully follows the commands. The Alusi's firearms are portrayed with legs partially bent and palms raised towards the heavens. It is believed to be symbolic. Not only does it capture the essence of the departed, but it also encapsulates the entire world they once inhabited. The youthful beauty is evident in his physique, adorned with various body patterns. referred to as "uli," are distinctive body markings specific to certain regions. The indication of rank was conveyed through tattoos and scarifications. The initiation society is where this effigy is accomplished. Taking on the form of a divine protector, serving as an intermediary. The relationship between men and the deity known as Chukwu was deeply intertwined. intended to be positioned within the obu (singular: obi), The houses belonging to the men of the Cross River.

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