African Tribal Luba Songye Ritual Spoon Central hand carved Home statue-G2206

$74.10 $94.10

SIZE(CM): 37.3/8.8
African Mask ,Africa wood, mask ,Tribal Mask, handmade African, vintage ,hand carved ,Wall Hanging, Traditional ,Art ,primitive art ,tribal masks This particular figurine spoon hails from Africa and features a handle topped with a typical Dan figurine head. The Dan figurine people are an ethnic group from Côte d'Ivoire. Interestingly, this spoon was bestowed upon the most meritorious woman in the village.These anthropomorphic spoons, referred to as Wakemia or Wunkirmian, are well-known in traditional art. The spoon's countenance bears a striking resemblance to the Dan masks, complete with their distinctive narrow eyes, raised center line, rounded forehead, and pronounced nose and mouth.

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