African Tribal Wood masks figure Decorative African wall Exclusive mask-8268

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43.5/24.2 -CM
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The face of this African Hand-carved mask The Bambara/Bamana people of Mali crafted an impressive African Hand-carved mask in the likeness of a buffalo for use by one of their secretive societies. The mask itself is highly accomplished, with a large and rounded head that extends into an elongated snout. The African Hand-carved mask is further characterized by incurved horns and diagonally-projecting ears. The surface of the African Hand-carved mask is quite detailed, with a circular design at the center of the forehead that narrows as it approaches the nose before widening again at the snout, which is bifurcated, creating a three-dimensional effect. The eyes are small squares that sit on either side of a constriction, while the mouth is open. Unusually, the surface of the African Hand-carved mask is glossy and smoothed by use, as these pieces are typically matte and decorated with organic materials

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