African mask Teke masks are mainly used in traditional dancing ceremonies-5974

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31.3/26.7 CM

This is a fine mask , old and unusually well-preserved mask from the Teke or Kidumu people and it derives from the upper Ogowe mask region. Many years of use mask made its mark in terms of wear and tear, insects and weathering without losing its charm and strong artistic expression. Teke masks are mainly used in traditional dancing ceremonies such as weddings, funerals and initiation ceremonies of young men entering adult hood. The mask is also used as a social and political identifier of social structure within a tribe or family. The Teke or Kidumu] people are well known for their Teke masks, which are, as you can see, round flat disk-like wooden masks that have abstract patterns and geometric motifs with horizontal lines painted in earthly red, black, brown and yellow colors. Like many traditional Teke masks it has a small

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