African antique Handmade masks antiques tribal Face vintage Wood Okpesu GHANA-5068

$64 $89
21.5/11 CM
This african mask, carved from light-hued, lightweight wood, exhibits intricate detailing, with brown african mask, white african mask, and black dyes adorning its front. Its design portrays a mythical ape, characterized by the Dayak style's curved volutes engraved in low relief, and black-dyed. The mask's open mouth, colored white, features two tight rows of dark teeth, while its eyes are not hewn through and instead possess two triangular holes on either side of the flat nose, allowing the wearer to see. While the mask bears stylistic similarities to the Javanese "wayang topeng" style, it originates from the Dayak tribe in South Borneo, with no further specifics known.

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