African Mask antique wall african Traditional one piece Home Décor Dan Kran Kaogle-8857

$75 $105

African mask of Côte d'Ivoire distinguished by its circular eyes surrounded by metal surrounded by orbits engraved in the heart. The lips are trimmed with metal sticks evoking teeth. This so-called 'race' mask (sharp face, hollowed-out round eyes, tanned mouth) was held against the face with cotton strips attached to the perforations of the contours and knotted behind the head. Tradition has it that its wearer is pursued by an unmasked runner; if he is caught, he must pass the mask to the winner, who in turn will be pursued by another rider. These races were once designed to train men in running and fighting. This type of event is now very often linked to the holidays announcing the beginning of the dry season and those related to the initiation of young children.

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