African Mask Wood Hand Carved Vintage Wall Hanging Dan "racing-9336

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30.5/16.7 -CM

Ex- French African tribal art collection . The African "racing" mask Gunye ge, actor of social order among the Dan, is here pierced with large orbits and offers a toothed mouth stretched with red textile. It is also embellished with a raffia beard and strips of canvas. Masks equipped with round orbits ( gunye ge ), facilitating vision, are part of the set of northern Dan masks and are used for racing events during the dry season. The zapkei ge, also equipped with circular orbits, are responsible for preventing fires by watching over domestic fires. For the Dan, or Yacouba, living in the west of the Ivory Coast and in Liberia, the “dü” force which would animate the world would manifest itself in the sculpted masks. It is in this way that she seeks to bring knowledge to man in order to support him, by first using the channel of dreams. The spirits then indicate how to name the mask they wish to see made. These masks of different types are endowed with social, spiritual and political

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