african mask Traditional vintage art tribal one piece Home Décor Téké Mask-7401

$72 $102
31.8/27 CM
mask african the téké mask from gabon are decorated with pictograms that represent the duality present in the universe. The Carved Mask African Are Made Of Planks, And Are Held Between The Teeth Of The Wearer With A Braided Ribbon. They Have A Velvety, Matte Patina. It Should Be Noted That Only The Tsaayi Subgroup Of The Téké People Produced Wooden Carved Mask Since The Middle Of The 20th Century. These Wood Mask African Were Utilized During Important Ceremonies Such As The Funerals Of Village Dignitaries And Weddings, And Were Exclusive To The Members Of The Male-only Secret Kidumu Brotherhood (Kidumu Being The Name For The Society, The Dance, And The Wood Mask ). Since The Independence Of The Congo, The Wood Mask African Have Made More Frequent

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