African mask wood masks /tribal masks of the DAN Masks African handmade-6380

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29.5/14.5 CM

The DAN Masks, known for their intricate wood carvings, are a prime example of African tribal masks that are meticulously crafted by hand.
The Dan culture embraces the concept of a fundamental force known as dü, which permeates every aspect of existence and is commonly understood as a potent energy. This force manifests itself through invisible spirits that have the ability to assume the guise of both humans and animals. Certain dü spirits necessitate human assistance to materialize, often through the use of african carved wood masks or fetishes. The dü force operates by appearing in a man's dreams and providing instructions on how to bring it into physical form. One particular category of dü spirit prefers to manifest as a masquerade, specifically as an african carved wood masks spirit.

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