African Mask Tribal Dan Déangle Wood Dan Côte d'Ivoire Africa Home Décor mask-G1410

$80 $104

A mask with a mouth with luscious lips and stretched eyelids mask coated with white clay dangle mask . It is decorated here with a goatee made of vegetable fibers. Dark mask , satin patina mask . Remains of sacrificial coating at the top. Lacks on the contours. Abrasions.. For the Danes mask , or Yacouba mask , living in western Côte d'Ivoire and Liberia, the force that would animate the world would be manifested in the sculpted masks. This is howshe seeks to bring knowledge to man in order to support him, and uses the dream channel beforehand. The spirits then indicate howto name the mask they wish to see made. These masks of different types are endowed with social, spiritual and political functions, often evolving over time,.

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