African Mask tribal Faces Of Carved African Decorative African Masks dan-6287

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37.3/11 CM
In African masks, the Bakota expose the dead to their natural setting in the forest masks. They began burying their chiefs African masks, then dug up their bones and placed them in bark boxes, or baskets called bwété African masks, with a African masks on them. These African masks , known as Kota the "Guardians of the Relic", were entrusted to clan leaders who kept them hidden and sometimes used the power of the relic for the benefit of the clan. When there was a serious crisis in the village (one that had reunited several clans), the chiefs collected their relics for a ceremony. The cult is known as Bwiti among Mahongwé and their neighbors, and to them the guards are the "faces" of Bwété. Beautiful golden look and double headpieces.

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