african mask antiques tribal Face Wood Carved Chokwe Mwana Pwo MasK-5235

$70 $92
38.1/18.5 CM
The Chokwe territory straddles the border between Angola and DR Congo. The sculptors Chokwe or Tschokwe were able to imbibe not only the great styles more or less neighboring, such as that of the Kuba with whom they had commercial relations, or like that of the Luba, which political contacts easily explain, but also, as at the Kongo, totally foreign elements, European in this case. We recognize on this mask the large characteristic eye sockets and teeth cut for aesthetic purposes. This African mask, worn only by a man, represents a young Mwana Pwo girl, in the prime of her life. He danced at popular celebrations. In attached photos, see a dancer wearing the mask and a beautiful young Chokwe woman.

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