African sculpture Tribal Wooden Carved statue tribal Wall 3 Antique Africa Tobacco Pipe Decorated -3328

$65 $90
African figure 3 Antique African Tuareg Tribe Carved Wooden Tobacco Pipe Decorated W Metal Africa-15.7/5.6 CM
This is an ancient African handmade and used pipe by the Tuareg tribe, carved from wood and decorated with metal around the stem, around and inside the bowl. This whistle, handcrafted by the Tuareg people of Africa, was used by tribes and collected in Africa. This old second hand African pipe is in good condition, the wood on one side of the bowl is somewhat worn, the metal has a patina of patina, and there is a lot of black dried tobacco residue inside the bowl. The . Great to add to your African art collection. I consolidate shipping rates for multiple purchases, so be sure to check out my eBay store for thousands of items to browse, including antique trade beads, antique beads, and African collectibles
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