African Tribal Face Mask Yaouré GURO mask Coast wood and pigments masks-4927

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39.5/14 CM
The Yaure masks live in central Coast masks , between the larger tribes of the Baule masks and Guro masks people. Their artistic style is influenced by their neighbors masks ’. Despite this, the masks of the Yaure masks display a few typical features: they always have carved serrated beard, a small, protruding mouth and frequently feature high crests carved out from the same piece. The present Yaure mask is made of lightweight, light-coloured wood, dyed black and brown and displays all the typical stylistic features of the tribe: its serrated beard has white highlights, its mouth is small and protruding, its nose long and delicate. Whilst the high eyebrow arches and the bulging slit eyes are reminiscent of the style of the Baule people, the high crest with two Calao birds (hornbill) on a crosspiece facing each other is a ‘typical Yaure’ motif. Overall an old piece with good usage patina on the front and back (on the inside). Minor age damage: colour scuffed, chipped corners and edges, minor old losses as well as a more recent fracture to a bird’s leg on the back.

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