African Tribal Wooden Carved statue Figure Nkisi Nkondi Kongo peoples art sculpture-8358

$95 $140
40.3/20.6 CM
Central to the belief of the Kongo Figure peoples (Democratic Republic of Congo) are the Sacred medicines and divine protection. Ne Kongo Figure, known as the great god, embodies the Kongo Figure's belief system. According to their beliefs, Ne Kongo Figure brought down the first nkisi, sacred medicine, from heaven in an earthenware vessel set atop three stones or termite mounds. Essentially, a nkisi functions as a "spirit". It's represented as a container of sacred substances activated by supernatural forces that can be called into the physical world. Containing medicinal herbs and other elements considered helpful in defeating physical or social ills, minkisi can range from uncomplicated pottery to vessels that are visually complex.

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