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The term "Grebo African masks " means "leaping monkey people African masks," which is a nod to their migration from a previous home near the Sahara desert. Their primary source of income is derived from the production and exportation of palm kernels and palm oil. The culture of the Grebo African masks, an ethnic group that is not well-known, is centered around the coastal regions of eastern Liberia and the surrounding forests. This culture has been influenced to a significant degree by their neighbors to the north, specifically the Kran and Dan tribes. In contrast to the other inhabitants of Liberia, the Grebo people do not follow the Poro society's structure. They are governed by a chief, known as the bodio, who lives in a mostly solitary manner and also assumes the role of the grand priest. The Grebo are known for their carved African masks . Among these are various types, including one with a massive face adorned with buffalo horns, another type that represents the ideal of femininity with delicate features and narrow eyes, and a third type that represents male warriors and is characterized by a flat, abstract design, with a board that features an elongated nose and one or more pairs of tubular eyes. During initiation rituals and festive events, the African masks would make an appearance. These were exclusive to initiates, but

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