Ngbaka mask African mask antiques tribal Face vintage Wood guro-5346

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23.5/18 CM
Ex- Belgian African tribal art collection . This large African Ngbaka mask bears the traditional keloids of the ethnic group. The wide mouth is toothed. Polychrome patina, white clay residues.Tribe settled on the left bank of the Ubangui, the Ngbaka practice agriculture, and their artistic achievements were inspired by those of the neighboring Ngbandi and Ngombe tribes , with a distinctive feature however, the line of the forehead dotted with linear keloids. They are organized in tribes without political unity, under the tutelage of the chief wan and venerate a god named Galethrough worship of nature spirits. Young people are prepared for adult life through rituals called " gaza" and trained by former initiates, the bugaza . Their statues generally represent the primordial ancestors Setu and his sister Nabo and are installed on altars for propitiatory rites. The Ngbaka also produced musical instruments that punctuated the closing ceremonies of initiation and circumcision.

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