African Mask Wall Hanging Dan mask-2198

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40.5/16 CM
The Ge mask of the Zakpai is primarily used for fire prevention. In the regions of the northern Dan where the savanna is prevalent, fire hazards are abundant. To combat this, the quickest runner in the village is chosen to warn the workers in the fields and nearby areas of any fires that may occur. The Zakpai mask also ensures that the women in the community put out their cooking fires before the gusty afternoon winds begin to blow. The Zakpai mask embodies aggression and typically wields a branch as a weapon, sometimes even hurling objects to incite fear. The spirit that this mask represents has the ability to punish imprudent women by overturning their cooking pots and holding their utensils for ransom. Preemptive measures include the use of the Zakpai mask.

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