African Liberia Dan Kran also Dan-4499

$85.99 $116.25
32.7/14.6 CM
During tribal dance rituals, the Kran (also known as the Wé or Ngere) of the Dan tribes don masks that feature a chimpanzee or guenon. The ‘Kagle’ (or ‘Kaogle’) mask is designed to electrify the crowd with frenzied movements. The Kagle mask on display exhibits a semicircular forehead that juts out, triangular deep-set eyes, protruding cheeks, a wide nose and a broad, protruding snout akin to that of a chimpanzee. This mask, crafted from sturdy, dark-brown wood, has been stained black. Along the outer edge, the fastening eyelets for the mask costume are mostly rectangular. They have the old hole type, while newer examples feature round holes.

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