African Face Mask African GURO-6417

$65 $105
31.8/15.3 CM
In the workshop of the Bouaflé master, a distinction is made when it comes to donning masks. It can indicate a connection with a cult or be merely a part of secular festivities. The “Gu” mask is associated with three sacred masks representing Zamble, a mythical creature with features of both leopard and antelope. Additionally, Zamble has a brother, the Zuali mask, and a beautiful wife named Gu. While these masks are designed in a more traditional and canonical form, other masks worn for entertainment are created by their respective wearers. Known as "Gu" in the vernacular language, this mask is a representation of a woman celebrated for her extraordinary beauty. Its purpose was to bring prosperity and good fortune to the household that intended to call upon it, and was traditionally worn by a male. The dancing performer would then emulate the delicate movements and feminine poise of the subject the mask was created after.

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