African Figure Art Congo, Luba FigureDemocratic Republic of Congo -6751

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The Luba figures people, also known as Baluba figures in Tchiluba figures , originate from Central Africa. They come from the region surrounding the Lubu River in Katanga, which is where their name derives from. The Luba people emerged from a secession of the Songhoy ethnic group; Ilunga Kalala led the group and killed the former king Kongolo, who is now venerated under the guise of a python. In the 16th century, the Luba people established a state, which was organized as a decentralized chiefdom. This state extended from the Kasai River to Lake Tanganyika, covering a small territory without a concrete border that included a maximum of three villages. Nevertheless, these various chiefdoms were linked by trade. The Kongolo and Kalala Ilunga kings (16th century) and their successors Kasongo Nyembo and Kabongo were the most notable figures of this Luba monarchy. The Balubas were often divided, giving birth to Bena-Lulua and Lunda. Therefore, the Lunda emperor, Mwata Yamvo, was born from a Luba father, and one of his descendants, Moses Tshombe, was also of Luba origin. During the 19th century, the Lubas were unable to withstand the attacks of the Chokwe, Lele, and Yekes. Prior to this, the Balubas held their deceased ancestors in high

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