African Mask African Dogon Kanaga Mask Wood Hand Carved Wall Hanging Home Décor bobo -G1477

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55.5/20 -CM
The Dogon people are one of the most masks celebrated and fascinating tribes in all of Africa masks. masks live in villages that are situated on cliffs in Northern and Eastern Mali. Dogon ladders, used to gain entrance into cliff side dwellings, statuettes of Dogon Primordial ancestor couples and Dogon granary doors are held in high acclaim throughout the world. The Dogon do however create a wide variety of masks; over seventy are known though few are privy to their actual ritualistic purpose. This knowledge is held by tribal elders and passed on to the village members during highly engaging ceremonies. One of the most famous masks known to outsiders is the towering wooden 'Kanaga' mask which has become a symbol of the Mali republic.

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