African Mask African magical African mask with a wooden tribal motif Songye Mask-G1375

$79.99 $102

56.5/16 -CM
African mask offering a spherical head separated by large mask eyelids from the narrowplane of the cheeks. The streaks are printed here in alternating directions,reinforcing the volumes. The term Kifwebe designates the mask, the society of masks, and the wearer of the mask belonging to the male secret society bwadi bwa kifwebe which ensured the social control. Matt patina. Small chips and cracks. In the 16th century, the Songyes migrated from the Shaba region to settle on the left bank of the Lualaba, in Katanga and Kasaï. Very present in their society, divination made it possible to discover sorcerers and to shed light on the causes of the misfortunes that struck individuals. The masked performances of male masks provided an opportunity to carry out punitive expeditions and maintain social order. The female mask.,..

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