African Mask Tribal facial society mask, GURO Mask-#4502

$85 $120.90
28.2/18 CM
These mask -carved African wooden mask are of two types: anthropomorphic and zoomorphic. Apart from mask -carved African wooden mask , the Guro people also carve figures. These figures often stand with arms akimbo and have faced quite similar to the mask -carved African wooden mask. Lesser figures are the elegant female heads mounted on Guro weaving looms. Of mask -carved African wooden mask, the Guro art is very similar to the Baule's and are sometimes difficult to tell apart. However, there are subtle differences between the two styles. For example, Guro's mask -carved African wooden mask usually has longer faces. Furthermore, the raised forehead and the bridge of the nose of a Guro mask form an S-shape profile.

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