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Toma Bakrogui Mask
This heavy ancestor mask, with two horns, the bakrogui , has only three reduced openings for vision. A braided cord underlines the enhanced look of kaolin, under a front band notched with diamonds. A face carved in bas-relief, bordered by a collar reminiscent of the masks of the neighboring Côte d'Ivoire, adorns the lower part of the mask. Only members of the Poro were allowed to contemplate the mask bakrogui . Grainy surface. The Toma of Guinea, called Loma In Liberia, live in the forest, at altitude. They are renowned for their landai board masks intended to animate the initiation rites of the association poro which structures their society, and which represent spirits of the bush. As soon as the mask appeared Landai , the initiates went to the forest to stay there for a month during which they would be taught. At the end of this journey, they will be subjected to a ritual "devourle" followed by a symbolic "renaissance". (Kerchache) The women's society bundu, for its part, uses rare statuettes of the same name for apotropaic and divinatory purposes

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