African mask African Tribal Face Mask upholstery nails Dan Kran Peoples, carved mask-5154

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29.3/13 CM
This African face mask embellished with upholstery nails is associated with the totemic animals of the Dan tribes. Belonging to the Kran , Dan sub-group established in a minority way in Côte d'Ivoire but especially in Liberia, it has prominent reliefs including a flat forehead, in circular visor, associated with three side panels in semicircles framing two hooked noses. The narrow, flat orbital cavities are pierced in triangles. A toothed mouth consisting of two articulated beaks, placed side by side, completes the extravagant hybrid face. Grainy two-tone patina, partially chipped, break on the front. The Kran practice an animistic religion,revere their ancestors, and are organized into a secret society called gla. This mask also appears nowadays during ceremonies related to harvests,funerals, but also during entertainment festivals where it plays an educational role.

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