African mask African Tribal Mask Igbo Wood Carved Maiden Spirit Igbo Mask--6537

$68 $94

39.5/21.5 CM
During the early to mid-1900s, the Igo People of Southeastern Nigeria created a remarkable mask called Agbogho, also known as the "maiden spirit". These masks were exclusively worn by men during funeral processions or agricultural dance festivals that paid homage to village notables and deities. The masks represent the Igo's appreciation for the beauty and elegance of young femininity, exemplified through intricate hair designs, symmetrical features, and striking facial tattoos. As time passes, these highly desired masks are becoming increasingly difficult to acquire. If you are an enthusiast of African or tribal-inspired artwork, the Agbogho mask would be a great addition to your collection. Its unique and eye-catching features make it suitable for any decorative environment

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