African mask antiques tribal mask vintage Wood mask Carved Chokwe mask-G2016

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33.5/21.4 -CM
The masks of the Chokwe masks , Luda masks , Luvale/Lwena,masks Luchazi masks and Mbunda masks clans are called "makishi" (sing. likishi) in Zambia. This name comes from "kishi", a Bantu concept that evokes the manifestation of a spirit or an ancestor. These agents of social, moral and spiritual order,forming a panel of different characters, sociable, aggressive, or unpredictable, in fact embody the spirit of an illustrious ancestor(male orfemale), their appearance manifesting itself mainly during rites mukanda, including circumcision, during which their true identity must remain hidden from the eyes of the profane. Their accessories and their behavior, depending on the case, symbolize moral values, highlight fertility, or even parody strangers.

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