african mask Baule Yaure African mask antiques tribal Face vintage Wood Carved Hanging 5266

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28.5/16.4 CM
African mask polychrome, intended for entertainment ceremonies and thus, according to Baule tradition, could be seen by women. The high, mitered headdress figures braided shells. The traditional scarifications called "ngole" form a slight relief on the face. The end of one of the braids is missing. These portrait masks of the Baule, ndoma, which are part of one of the oldest Baule artistic traditions and frequently represent an idealized character, have the particularity of appearing at the end of entertainment dance ceremonies. These are named, depending on the region, bedwo, ngblo, mblo, adjussu, etc.... Each of these masks are distinguished by hairstyles, location and choice of scarification, etc... Also called Gbagba, they personify graceful young girls or men whose valor or qualities ofintegrity are renowned. The newgenerations are gradually replacing these Mblo dances called Gbagba in some villages,retaining most of the old conventions, with the Kpan Kpan dance, whose masks raise societal issues orrefer to political projects.

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