African mask Carved Wood and Coast kagle mask dan kran coast masks for wall -3432

$69.60 $94

25.1/8.9 CM
The Dan believe that ‘in’ and behind’ this mask exists an essential force called dü which is usually described as a power that is present in all aspects of the mask . Dü manifests itself as invisible mask which may take the form of men or animals. There are some düspirits which in order to realise a physical nature, must rely on men to create a tangible form for them as mask or fetishes. The dü causes a man to dream of it and then instructs him in the means through which it must be materialised. One type of dü spirit prefers to be manifested as a masquerade - these are the mask mask .All mask are described as ge by the northern Dan and as gle or glö by the southern & western Dan

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