African mask Dan-Guere AFRICAN Vintage Hand Carved Antique Collectibles tribal- 1828

$70 $98
39.7/16.2 CM
This interesting mask , extremely angular, ‘Cubist’ mask type is used with large costumes during important feasts of the Dan-Guere mask (also Wè or Dan-Kran) in order to challenge and ‘galvanise mask ’ the audience with earthy jokes and jumps. The present chimpanzee mask is an especially beautiful example of the ‘kaogle’ or ‘kagle’ type: The semicircular, bulging forehead above the deep-set, round eyes protrudes remarkably, as are also the angular cheeks and triangular-shaped nose. Under the nose, the chimpanzee’s round ‘snout’ protrudes even more to the front. The top of the the mask is surmounted by an ‘empowering’ iron bow.

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