african mask ekeT Tsaye African Tribal Face Mask Wood Hand Carved Vintage Wall Hanging-8183

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31.1/30 CM
the teke mask people rmask eside in the democratic republic of the congo mask and gabon mask . the teke mask of the northwest are known as the tsaye mask . the basic social unit of the two groups is the family, led by the mfumu or head of the family who has the right of life or death over each clan member. the village as a whole is led by the “father of the land” or mfumu na tzee. the tsaye believe in a supreme god, nzambi and are socially governed by the secret kidumu society. the kidumu, more than a century old, is a political-religious society that intervenes in all major aspects of social life: circumcisions, weddings, judgements and funerals. at the end of a kidumu ceremony,

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