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38.5/13.5 -CM

Exceptionally ancient mask by Dan Kran depicting a monkey (chimpanzee or vervet monkey). The 'Kagle Masks' of the village of Dunkland dance fiercely and aggressively, with full body costumes and hooked sticks. The current "Kagle mask" is made of strong but lightweight wood, stained black, and features a short, protruding forehead, deep-set triangular eyes, protruding triangular cheeks, and a large, open mouth. There is a (typical) iron pin on top of the head. The current "Kagle mask" is of a particularly ancient type, as indicated by the rectangular (rather than circular) shape and red tongue-coloured terracotta of the mask garment fastening eyelets along the edge of the mask. Black clay is also visible under the eyes and on top of the head. A very nice piece with proper old usage patina(

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