African mask Wooden Carved mask Yaure,Authentic Antique MASK-6434

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35.5/15.5 CM

African Tribal Art Wooden Carved Exclusive Yaure,Authentic Antique MASK
The face of this African Hand-carved African wooden mask yaure tinted with a slightly abraded polychromy is surmounted by apelike figures. This anthropo-zoomorphic African Hand-carved mask evokes the zamble of the Guros. The Yaouré are a sub-group of the Akan people present in Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana. Geographically close to the Baoulé and the Gouros, we can read in yogurt art the influence of these ethnic groups through attention to detail and aesthetics. The Hand-carved African Hand-carved mask of African art Yaouré ,Hand-carved African Hand-carved mask or Yauré Hand-carved African Hand-carved mask, are divided into two groups that are difficult to differentiate, the je , or dié, sometimes with the addition of colored pigments, and lo , generally with a dark patina, which intervene during funeral ceremonies or any other rite in order to win the favors of the "Yu" spirits The Baule masks people live in the central region of Côte d’Ivoire. Baule masks like this one, would have represented a specific individual. The Baule masks people frequently utilize red paint on their carvings which masks represents the introduction and admiration of red cloth after colonization..

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