African mask of the Gugu tribe "The face of the sun" a special tribal masks for wall-4928

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21/17.5 CM
Ex- French African art collection The Eket carve circular masks for agricultural festivals and funeral ceremonies of the Ekpo society . In the center of this small mask, the face symbolizes the "Grand Mother", the creative spirit linked to the full moon. The triangular decorative motifs refer to the necklaces of animal teeth worn by members of the Idiong society of diviners during certain ceremonies. A collar haloed the mask, attached to the perforations of the contours. Thick matte patina. Lacks. Secret societies are numerous among the Ibibio settled west of the Cross River. Without a centralized government, their social organization is comparable to that of the neighboring Igbo. Ancestor worship is under the authority of the highest-ranking members of the Ekpo. The latter use masks such as the idiok ,related to fallen spirits, and the mfon ,representing saved souls. The statues and puppets are used by the ekon society , every seven years, through theatrical performances accompanied by music...

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