african mask Tetela Yela mask African Tribal Face Mask Wood Hand Carved Wall Hanging -3623

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29.8/25.7 CM
Ex- Belgian African art collection . African mask with a heart-shaped face surrounded by wide bands of contrasting colors, made from red bark and kaolin, which could evoke the traditional scarifications of the clan. Matt patina. The Tetela and Yela groups are of Mongo masks origin and are neighbors. The masks of the Tetela masks takes on various forms, borrowed from the clans they rub shoulders with, including Songye inspirations with polychrome works. Several ethnic groups divided into lineages live closely intertwined in central Zaire: the Mbole, the Yela, the Lengola, and the Metoko, and have similar associations. This proximity has generated certain stylistic borrowings. Their artistic production indeed presents great analogies with that of the Metoko and the Lengola. Their divination masks were exhibited during the closing ceremonies of the initiation and circumcision o

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