African mask This mask was designed and constructed by the Fang, an agrarian people MASK-6135

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71.5/12.2 CM
Among the white masks of Gabon, the Fang mask here has classic characteristics such as a large forehead and a powerful nasal appendage, whose central rib joins a triple arc eyebrow. The mouth melts when it in the chin. A summit ridge evokes tribal hairstyle. The object was covered with kaolin, with a dull, powdery surface. Erosions and lacks. These tribal masks were worn by the (notable) authorities in charge ofidentifying those responsible for crimes. The Fang culture is easily recognizable in many typical phenomena found everywhere this ethnic group has settled in Central Africa, in the three republics of Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon. among these are the epic tale of the Mvet and all the cultural dances that result from it, the fundamental cult of ancestors that is celebrated with the sound of xylophones, and finally the matrimonial regime of exogamy which consists of seeking her husband or wife outside her own clan 

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