African Art Home Décor carved wooden mask Bwa Bobo oule Bobo-ul Bwaba -4343

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37/13.7 CM

An-Holz masks are only found in southern Bwa. Most masks have a round face painted in a geometric pattern in bright colours, with a large plate topped with a crescent-shaped pattern at the end. The eyes are framed by concentric circles reminiscent of an owl, and the hook on the forehead is reminiscent of a hornbill. The masks depict animals: antelope, warthog, wild buffalo, monkeys, crocodiles, snakes, fish, birds, and insects, as well as some humans and forest spirits with supernatural forms. These patterns are symbols related to Do and clan history. The mask is worn on the front of the face. They differ only in the shape of the horns, while the muzzle and protruding eyes retain the same structure. The dancer looks through the hole in which the mouth opens. These masks are believed to possess supernatural powers that can benefit the clan that possesses them. The Bwa people also carve colorful masks in horizontal shapes, symbolizing butterflies or falcons. The butterfly mask features concentric circles, while the falcon mask has a solid white finish. Masks are

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