African Wooden Hand Carved Vintage Large Baoulé Ndoma mask from Goli-4535

$64 $94
30.5/22 CM

The Baoulé masks settled between the Bandama masks and Comoé masks . This is one of the largest populations in Côte d'Ivoire and they live mainly from agriculture. In Ghana, they had learned to dominate, like the Ashanti, the handling of metals and in their new environment, they learned from the Guro the work of wood. The combination of their old skill with new learning resulted in technically superior craftsmanship and a balanced aesthetic. The most popular Baoulé masks belong to a group, the Goli, and they serve to establish a relationship with the superterrestrial world. Baoulé masks are worn during funerals but also during more general celebrations such as Independence Day. Depending on their uses, sculptors use soft or light woods from the malvaceae family or denser species such as ebenaceae...

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