african mask Hand Carved Wooden Tribal African Art Face bobo mask burkina faso- 4077

$67 $97
35.6/13.8 CM

African Bobo Masks Bwa Polychrome Plank Masks , Burkina Faso. The Imagery Found In Masks Of The Bobo, Bwa Masks , Kurumba Masks , Mossi Masks , And Others Living In Burkina Faso Commonly Combine The Stylized Features Of Humans, Animals, And Even Insects. Bold Geometric Shapes Repeated In Brightly Painted Designs Enliven The Surfaces Of These Relatively Abstract Forms. When Used In Performances The Masks Embody Nature Or Ancestor Spirits That Interact With Human Beings And Influence Their Lives. They Appear At Important Funerals To Honor The Dead And Escort The Deceased's Soul To The World Beyond.

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