African mask Wood Hand Carved Wall dan kran coast , 2044

$66 $96
37.5/20 CM
The Dan mask believe that ‘in’ and behind’ this world exists an essential force called dü mask which is usually described as a mask power that is present in all aspects of the world. Dü manifests itself as invisible spirits which may take the form of men or animals. There are some düspirits which in order to realise a physical nature, must rely on men to create a tangible form for them as masks or fetishes. The dü causes a man to dream of it and then instructs him in the means through which it must be materialised. One type of dü spirit prefers to be manifested as a masquerade - these are the mask spirits.All spirit masks are described as ge by the northern Dan and as gle or glö by the southern & western Dan

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