african mask Traditional vintage art tribal one piece Home Décor Tribal Face Mask Wood Hand Carved Wall Hanging Mask Fang mask--5932

52/13.1 CM

Dense Wood, Dry Abraded Patina. Cracks Of Desiccation. The Appearance Of These Mask Coated With Kaolin (The White Color Evokes The Power Of The Ancestors), In The Middle Of The Night, Could Cause Dread. This Type Of Mask Was Used By The Male Mask Society In Northwestern Gabon, Southern Cameroon, And Equatorial Guinea. This Secret Society Was In Charge Of Initiations And Fought Against Witchcraft. The Mask Was A Rite Of Purifying Fire Symbolized By The Gorilla. The Wearers Of These Mask , Always In Large Numbers, Appeared At Night, Lit By Torches. Their Intervention Was Also Linked To The Judicial Function By Pointing Out The Culprits Of Bad Deeds Within The Village.
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