African masks tribal mask of the Dan Kran African handmade -6367

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37/17.3 CM
The handmade African carved wood masks, specifically the tribal mask of the Dan Kran, showcase the unique craftsmanship and cultural significance of the Dan tribe.
The African monkey mask, a highly sought-after object in the realm of interior design, has its roots firmly planted in the ancient customs of African tribal societies. These masks, crafted from wood and adorned with elaborate carvings and patterns, served a multitude of purposes within the spiritual and ceremonial realms of traditional African culture. Each mask possesses its own distinct characteristics, reflecting the individuality of its creator. Not only do these masks possess an undeniable aesthetic appeal, but they also serve as a poignant reminder of Africa's vibrant cultural heritage and the imperative nature of safeguarding age-old artistic traditions. Whether displayed in a personal dwelling or a professional workspace, the African decorative monkey mask effortlessly infuses any environment with an air of exotic refinement.

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