African mask Carved Wood Tribal Mask Of The Dan Kran African Handmade-6368

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26.5/14.3 CM
The Dan Kran tribe is known for their skillfully crafted African masks, showcasing the rich tradition of handmade art in Africa.
The afrcan carved wood masks, crafted from wood, exhibit exaggerated and grotesque attributes. The forehead takes on a rounded, domed shape with inverted triangle eye holes. Cheeks are formed by two semi-circular wings, while the nose is large and hooked, boasting flared nostrils. The open mouth protrudes forward, framed by plump lips. To accommodate a separate raffia beard, intentional piercings adorn the sides of the afrcan carved wood masks. Hailing from the southern region of the Dan's land, the Dan Kran afrcan carved wood masks are created by a group of individuals who share ancestry with the Dan. These masks possess a distinctive tradition that places a strong emphasis on geometric shapes, resulting in a commanding and formidable appearance that divides the face into distinct sections.

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