African mask Tribal Face Mask Wood Hand Carved Vintage Wall Hanging Bwa Gurunsi-4660

$65 $92
45/14.3 CM
The Bwa people likely adopted the style of mask with a plank from the Gurunsi group, such as the Nunuma and Nuni. These masks represent the spirits of the wilderness and are connected to the origin stories of various clans. Adorned with intricate geometric patterns, including an X shape that mirrors the forehead scarification of insiders, this mask displays faint remnants of its original polychrome decoration. Carved from dense wood, it required the dancer to possess physical agility in order to maintain balance while performing acrobatic feats during funerals and agricultural celebrations. Some signs of wear, minor cracks, and traces of kaolin can be observed. The sculptures of Bobo, Bwa, Kurumba, and Mossi, who reside in Burkina Faso, frequently incorporate stylized elements inspired by human forms.

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