African Mask Bobo Wood Carved Buni Plank mask-9926

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40/13.5 -CM
company in order to avoid losing the package African art African Wooden Carved BIG Bobo-Bwa, Burkina Faso Tribe-61.2/9.6 CM An African Wooden Carved Mask Such tall plank Wooden Carved Mask ‘dance’ alongside the Bwa people during large harvest festivals. The lower, round face part of this style of Wooden Carved Mask , called ‘Bayiri’, represents the head of an owl. The hooked projections symbolise the beak of the hornbill. Bird representations often appear on Bobo-Bwa Wooden Carved Mask in different variations. This is because birds embody the connection between the world of man and the world of the supernatural. The present plank Wooden Carved Mask is designed in the typical relief-style of the Bobo-Bwa. The owl face has large, round eyes – each one formed of three black-dyed circles in relief. It has a short, hooked beak as well as an open rhombus-shaped mouth with teeth. A handle for the dancer is placed under the oval shaped owl’s head of this tall, heavy Wooden Carved Mask . The alternating black and white colouring of individual surfaces of the relief is characteristic of Bobo-Bwa Wooden Carved Mask . This is achieved by means of soot-dye and kaolin. The front side of the towering plank, with its four hooked projections,

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