African mask Wall Hanging Mask Dan-Kran mask Wood Hand Carved Home Décor mask-G1405

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38/23 -CM
An unusually old African mask large of the Dan-Kran, depicting a mask (chimpanzee or guenon). The dances of the ‘Kagle African mask large ’ in the villages of the Dan-Kran are wild and aggressive, and involve full body costumes and hooked sticks. The present ‘Kagle African mask large’, made of hard yet lightweight wood and dyed black, displays characteristic forms: a short, bulging forehead, deep-set, triangular eyes, protruding, triangular cheeks and a large, open mouth. At the top of the head is a (typical) iron pin. The present ‘Kagle African mask large’ is an especially old type, as suggested by the rectangular (rather than round) shape of the fastening eyelets for the African mask largecostume along the edge of the African mask large, as well as by its tongue, which is made of red dyed terracotta. It also features black-dyed terracotta under the eyes and on the top of the head. An extraordinarily good piece with matching old usage patina

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