African Masks Guru Antiques Wall Hanging Home Décor mask -8226

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30/17.5 CM

The Yaouré are divided into three main groups, each comprising around twenty villages. Each village is headed by a chief, assisted by a council of elders. The Yaouré language, religion, culture and art are influenced by their powerful neighbors the Baoulé and the Gouro. However, they have a great sense of identity and have created a characteristic and refined art. Among the Yohouré or Yaouré, African masks are used to influence the supernatural forces 'YU' responsible for the ills of men but also for their prosperity. Masks in this ethnic group are forbidden to women, they are most often danced to restore the social and political imbalance that death can cause. The Yohourés influenced the Baoulés with regard to the aesthetics of the masks and were themselves influenced by the Gouro style. On this mask, the nose and the hair recall the Gu masks of the Gouro. The hair is arranged in three elaborate semi-circles: this is the sign among the Yohouré of power and wealth

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